adidas Officially Unveils AlphaBOUNCE With Engineered Mesh

The adidas AlphaBOUNCE silhouette – introduced this summer, was very well received, and still enjoying great success till this moment. In a bid to take this further, the sportswear giant has rolled out an update in the form of Engineered Mesh.

The adidas AlphaBOUNCE Engineered Mesh edition features extreme breathability and a snug fit from the engineered zones, without compromising performance and durability. As always, AlphaBOUNCE will retain its BOUNCE sole for a soft feel and fluid ride during runs.

The new AlphaBOUNCE will arrive in four colorways of grey, tan, blue, and green for men and three colorways of grey, tan and blue for women, with a price-tag of $110 USD per pair. Pre-orders will be available on adidas’ official site tomorrow, November 19.