Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Conor McGregor Bout: A Huge Disrespect to Boxing

After all the self-promotion and bragging that went on for almost a year, UFC President Dana White finally informed the general public that UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. could possibly engage in a boxing match. As confirmed by ESPN, the match will take place in Las Vegas on August 26 with the approval of Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. set a stage for controversies. A MMA fighter crosses his field to fight not just any boxer but an undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr., is absolutely ridiculous – Mayweather has never lost a fight in his entire boxing career!

Although MMA and boxing are closely related, this fight put in serious thought, is a slap in the face to the sport of boxing. American mixed martial artist, Chael Sonnen, states in a podcast, “I think the fact that anybody is weighing in that there’s a contest there is such an incredible disrespect to boxing. If that fight goes more than 30 seconds, it shames boxing. If it goes out of the first round, it humiliates boxing.” He went on to buttress his opinion saying “If I was to tell you in any other sport, ‘Hey, we’ve got a great athlete from one field, that’s never done a sport before, and he’s gonna come on and take on the best current living guy in that sport,’ it’d be laughed at.”

Boxing is an entirely new game for McGregor, and Mayweather has been playing it his entire career. With all this put into consideration, there would be no competition. No doubt McGregor is good but he is stepping out of his territory into Mayweather’s territory where there are no kicking, no elbow, and no grappling. The fight might not go pass the first round and if it does it’s even a greater disrespect to the boxing world.

McGregor still stands his ground knowing fully well he’s handicapped in the sport. After all, for him and UFC as an entity, they clearly don’t have anything to lose. If he loses, the world continues. As for Mayweather, his legacy as the undefeated champion will be tarnished leaving a large scar in the boxing world at large. Despite what’s at stake, Floyd Mayweather says he is ready to leave retirement to fight McGregor.

The only sensible aspect of this ‘stunt’ is the large payday. The brawl being the biggest card in combat sports history is believed that each fighter will take home nothing less than $100 million USD each based on tangible ticket sales. However, it will be disappointing that the most anticipated, yet embarrassing boxing in history, will be based solely on the revenue.